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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Communication Overload

Do you feel like you are drinking water from a firehose somedays? Catch these articles. How do you manage the information coming and going from your life?


  • Reading these articles leads me to wonder if this is an information literacy issue. In the same sense that we teach students to evaluate websites, use search engines and generally become web-literate. Maybe we need to start teaching Communication Literacy, or email literacy, etiquette or some such thing. Question is: what does this look like, sound like –

    The optimist in me wonders if we teach a generation of electronic communication literate individuals this issue will eventually leave the radar. Are we at the ‘tipping point’ where people will begin to demand that we teach Good & Poor uses of email?

    In short: At times, email makes me wonder what’s wrong with our feet!

    By Blogger Chris, at 11:38 AM  

  • Sometimes I think it might be just my age, but the communicator in me says that spelling, grammar, punctuation and coherency should continue to be important in the online environment. The trend away from these serves to illustrate how not to communicate effectively. What are we teaching the next generation when we cease to comment on their lack of capitalization or misuse of homonyms (eg. their/there/they're)? What comes next? Learning how to type the non-word noises that a teenager makes when you ask her what she did in school that day?

    By Blogger Debbie, at 8:45 PM  

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