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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fireworks, Dreamweaver & Flash Tutorials

My tutorial reviews...

As I am brand new to most all of these applications, I found I had difficulty with some of the tutorials in Fireworks. Part of the difficulty was the incongruence between software versions. I worked through many of the tutorials at Not all of them were successful, but I did manage to deepen my brow wrinkles and work up a headache:). I think the best thing for me was to view the Quicktime movie, if it was avaiable, then follow that up with the html version and work through it myself.

I spent my tutorial time almost exclusively at I built a second tutorial website based on a trip I took to Hong Kong a couple of years ago. I found these tutorials relatively easy to follow (maybe I am getting better at tutorials).

I preferred the tutorials at to the ones at the adobe site They just seemed to be more user friendly.

I think a combination of an open-ended assignment (like the one we did for Flash) and a few of the tutorials would work best for me. The tutorials can seem so out of context and I find I learn better when the pieces are put together in a project.


  • I think your comment re the combination of an open-ended assignment and a few relevant tutorials is right on the money. That's what we'll do for all three apps next year...


    By Blogger Harv, at 5:36 AM  

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