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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jasper Place Lan Tour

Hi Everyone

Here’s tomorrow’s agenda…

1. We’ll meet in Jasper Place’s north parking lot by 9:00 AM. It’s the one closest to the six story tower where the labs are. We’ll gather near the Tower door.
The school address is 8950-163 Street and you can access the parking lot from 163rd street. Go to,-113.555031&spn=0.047355,0.171661&om=1 to see a Google map of the area between the University and Jasper Place.
My cell phone number is 977-6806. Call me if you get lost.

2. Once everyone is there (no later than 9:00) we'll come up to the third floor.

3. At 9:00 I'll do my session on network and internet architecture. I'm going to try to be done by 10:15.

4. We’ll take a 15 minute break at that time. I’ll try to promote coffee and other goodies.

5. At 10:30 we’ll start the "chalk talk". (I'm guessing that this will take about an hour.)

6. At 11:30 we’ll break into three groups with one group getting a server tour (and a look a third floor lab switch), one group getting a lab tour (I'd like to talk about the underlying design of the 5th floor to make some lab design points...) and the third group working on their notes. We'll swap the groups so that everyone does all three activities. I'm guessing that it will take us an hour to cycle all three groups through the three activities.

7. At 12:30 we'd have a final opportunity for questions. I'm guessing that’ we'll be done by 1:00 or shortly after and we’ll then go to lunch and have our debriefing session.

My guess is that we'll drift off this time line a bit but I think we'll be done at JP by 1:30 at the latest.

Contact me if you have questions.




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