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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Looking For You!!!!

Hi! I am looking for a smart, well meaning person well versed in technological issues and software to critically evaluate my Course Summary Proposal! If you are a self motivated person between the ages of 5 and 99 and your first name starts with a letter between A and Z (including A and Z), then I invite you to come take a look and provide feedback. Click the title to start!

FinePrint: Offer only valid in Alberta. Message will self destruct in 5 years.


  • Fantastic!!!


    By Blogger Harv, at 5:02 AM  

  • I can't open any of the links. Sorry, I tried -- though I'm not sure which of the categories/criteria I do/do not fit into.

    By Blogger kathy, at 7:43 AM  

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