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Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Final Project

My project ended up being a Resource site for Instructors and Students at Community Education, Augustana Faculty. I had to use the Augustana Content Management System, so no Dreamweaver in my future. I also had to put the work into a secure site, for now, until they agree to release it. So all you can do for now is go to this link (in the title), and open "LinkstoPages." There is a Word note about how to get to the website. In one form or another, this site will be active by September 5, because I need part of it to replace a different resource I used last year. So far, it's a little dull, but I'll be able to enrich it with images after I have it in a different menu list.

I was so busy looking up geo caches in Camrose, I just about forgot to do this...Thanks for a fun day, Chris and company.


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