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Friday, July 28, 2006

Nathan's Final Project

Hi all,

I decided to create an e-text for my final project. The e-text is actually a wiki. I chose to use a wiki because the plan is to have the students upload and develop the content for the e-text. In essence, the wiki can host the course work for the students. As the administrator in wikispaces, I can decide if the wiki is public or private and I can view who has contributed, when, where and what. Since the wiki can be private, only those people I invite may view the content, which skits the FOIP issue. Moreover, students may create a user name so their identity is further protected.

In this particular case, I chose to design a sample Sky Science e-text, however, this could be done for any subject or topic. Wikispaces is a very easy for students to upload text, images, audio, and video. Contributers don't need to know specific wiki formatting tricks. If a student can use a word processor, they can upload to 'wikispaces'. Take a look. I would love to hear what you think.




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