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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Star Wars Meets Monty Python

Check out the link in this title. Just think - by Wednesday we'll all know how to do this.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Flash Fixed For Friday

I've posted my Flash movie now here. The live bunny disappears, the dead bunny falls into oblivion. I'm happy, the bunny's happy, Harv should be happy. Everyone happy?

Chris' Flash Assignment

The link bellow will take you to my flash assignment:


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Flash Tutorial

Here is my flash tutorial results. I have always found flash difficult to immerse myself into and was pleased to be able to get done what I have done. However, after seeing some of your work, I think mine is sadly lacking.

Flash file:


Evaluating Post-Secondary Projects

In the interest of sticking to what we know, Lori and I have decided to stick together on the Final Project peer critique. So we'll be working on our post-secondary projects together. The only reason I'm posting this is because I wrote down from Harv's instructions: "Post to the blog a request for a peer evaluator, and a peer evaluatee for the Final Project," and I'm obedient (if nothing else). So consider this my posted request for an evaluator, Lori's posted request for an evaluator, my posted request for an evaluatee, Lori's posted request for an evaluatee, my posted response for an evaluator, Lori's get the idea.

Jasper Place Lan Tour

Hi Everyone

Here’s tomorrow’s agenda…

1. We’ll meet in Jasper Place’s north parking lot by 9:00 AM. It’s the one closest to the six story tower where the labs are. We’ll gather near the Tower door.
The school address is 8950-163 Street and you can access the parking lot from 163rd street. Go to,-113.555031&spn=0.047355,0.171661&om=1 to see a Google map of the area between the University and Jasper Place.
My cell phone number is 977-6806. Call me if you get lost.

2. Once everyone is there (no later than 9:00) we'll come up to the third floor.

3. At 9:00 I'll do my session on network and internet architecture. I'm going to try to be done by 10:15.

4. We’ll take a 15 minute break at that time. I’ll try to promote coffee and other goodies.

5. At 10:30 we’ll start the "chalk talk". (I'm guessing that this will take about an hour.)

6. At 11:30 we’ll break into three groups with one group getting a server tour (and a look a third floor lab switch), one group getting a lab tour (I'd like to talk about the underlying design of the 5th floor to make some lab design points...) and the third group working on their notes. We'll swap the groups so that everyone does all three activities. I'm guessing that it will take us an hour to cycle all three groups through the three activities.

7. At 12:30 we'd have a final opportunity for questions. I'm guessing that’ we'll be done by 1:00 or shortly after and we’ll then go to lunch and have our debriefing session.

My guess is that we'll drift off this time line a bit but I think we'll be done at JP by 1:30 at the latest.

Contact me if you have questions.



Flash assignment

Hi all.
Uploaded my Flash 8 movie to my public folder on server. Let me know what else you would like to see added or just comment on good/bad. Just look in the Flash_Folder.

My Project Proposal

I am looking for someone who might be able to evalute my project proposal for a grade three webquest about Tunisia. The links in Inspiration are not working but all of the files you need to view are in the folder that the above link will send you to. Thanks in advance for your help!!!

Fireworks and Dreamweaver Tutorials

Here are the results of my tutorials. Nothing mind blowing but enjoy anyway.




Obah!!!! Proposal Version 200.453829

Well, here we go again. I hope I have fixed things now. The links were working on my computer but not on others so I decided to put it on as a zip file. I hope this version works. Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

GQ is sponsoring this Blog

In an attempt to cut on costs, GQ has offered to sponsor this Blog. All we have to do is post pictures of Metro's and other personalities. If this is not your cup of coffee (perhaps Harv's coffee from class) check out my tutorial attempts at the link below.

Have fun.
(Ian you look great!)

Tutorial Assignment

The first tutorials goes over the basics of using the tools.

Page 117: Create Symbols and Instances (editing a car and a wheel)
Page 125: Add Button Animation and Navigation
Page 153: Create a Timeline Animation
Page 199: Add Text to a document
Page 225: Write Scripts
Page 235: Add Interactivity
Page 245: Create a form with conditional logic and send data

Links fixed

I fixed the links going to my project proposal. Everything should work now. Take a look. Click on the title above to critically evaluate my project proposal.


Fireworks and Dreamweaver

Here are the neat little things I did with the various tutorials. Hope you get something out of it.

Rob Madunicky


The U of C Galileo project link is (click on the title and it will take you there.) You will find classroom exemplars and any information about starting a galileo project initiative in your school. We had four teachers from our building do it this year and will most likely have an additional group do it next year along with the original four. Even though not all projects were what one might call "successes", every teacher involved left with a new resolve of how to better make things work with the next go round and all wanted to do it again next year. The support from the Galileo group was incredible and the process they guide you through is well worth the time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Flash Tutorial Assignment

The Flash Tutorial Assignment is located at


Fireworks Tutorials

I'm brand new to all of this, so am unsure if my problems were version incompatability or user error. At any rate, click "Fireworks tutorials" to see my assessment, and go to if you're interested in some of the other tutorials I worked at. They are the kindergarten version of some of the other postings I see. Remember what it was like the first time you got to use the big fat pencil?

Looking For You!!!!

Hi! I am looking for a smart, well meaning person well versed in technological issues and software to critically evaluate my Course Summary Proposal! If you are a self motivated person between the ages of 5 and 99 and your first name starts with a letter between A and Z (including A and Z), then I invite you to come take a look and provide feedback. Click the title to start!

FinePrint: Offer only valid in Alberta. Message will self destruct in 5 years.

Scholastic Web Pages

Maybe a cool tool...

Well, in an effort to improve communication between school and home, all staff were encouraged to create web pages. Of course, this is a daunting idea to most of us! A colleague and I found this easy template at where teachers can get some free space, and create an easy web for students to keep track of assignments, deadlines, homework as well as download any digital documents that teachers wanted to post. It's also easy to link to your school's site. I would say, that after about 1 year, the success rate of this was HUGE. Teachers embraced it because it was easy to manage and update, and students and parents loved it because it made communication so easy (both ways, when the 'email me' link is enabled!) Anyway, if you're looking for a quick and easy way to get some 'technophobes' on board, this might be a ticket! Here's a link to the page I used this year.

MES: LIT - Educational ICTs

Fireworks Tutorials

Well, I think I've got these where they need to be.

Flash Tutorials

Here is a site where there are some flash tutorials.


DreamWeaver 8 Tutorial Critiques

hi everyone.

tried all of the five Dreamweaver 8 tutorials. only seemed to make 3 of the 5 websites come up.

Here is a link for my impressions of each.

Fireworks and Dreamweaver

I really enjoyed working through the tutorials in both Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Both my demos and my reflection on them are all posted on my public.html area: (note: It is under my maiden name). As for my favorite fireworks tutorial Jas already posted the link to the sprite sheet animation tutorial.

Fireworks Tutorials

A good beginner site :
However, it was for an older version, as I couldn't access the rose graphic!.I did however, like the directions at the beginning and was able to transfer them somewhat into a later FW version.
To get some further background about FW- particularly to familiarize myself with terms was
Again, the material is based on an earlier version.
The best site I found was :

Chris Tutorial Summary

Tutorials I Enjoyed:

The link 'should' take you to my Fireworks tutorial summary.

(Filling in forms through IE reminds me of what a horrible speller I am. There is a plug in located at : which will check your spelling in forms like this one in Blogger)

FireWorks tutorial critique



Follow Link to read my reviews of the above.

Fireworks tutorials

The smartwebby site was good with lots of links to other topics that I had not considered. However, with so many tutorials I am currently recovering from information overload! The pixel2life site was also a great resource with many good basic intro level tutorials. I found these as the best as if I couldn't find how to do something, they were a good stepping stones to other options.

Fireworks Tutorials

I found the tutorials pretty much an exercise in doing tutorials. I generally learn on a need to know basis by trial and error so this exploration of the potential of the program without a project attached was new to me. It was great to explore some of the cool things you can do with graphics, etc. and to get a feel for the program itself – figuring out where things are and tricks like how to isolate a graphic from its background, etc. so that I don’t have to pull a last minute “how do I do this?” or call Jas for a quick on site just in time tutorial that he doesn’t have time to do. I liked the CTBCafe tutorials which were quick and specific.

I found the video stuff was great to watch the screen so far as how to find what where but like many of you, going from screen to screen was cumbersome and I had audio problems which made things even more difficult.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Fireworks Here, Fireworks There, Fireworks Everywhere!

I have to say that I enjoyed doing the tutorials. However (thankfully) I found that as I got more familiar with the program, I didn't have to keep flipping back and forth between windows so much. I particularly enjoyed the Pixels2life site. I found that there was a good variety of tutorials (which even incorporated some from the other sites) and that most of the tutorials were easy to follow. Unlike a lot of you it seems, I didn't enjoy the ones with the video. I was always having rewind as I went through each step particularly if it was a tougher one to do. It just seemed easier to me to scroll up and down rather than having to rewind the videos. I especially enjoyed doing the glassy ball. I hope this all makes sense as it is
12:40 a.m right now!

MES: LIT - Educational ICTs

MES: LIT - Educational ICTs
Like LeanneB, I liked both the Joyce J Evans and pixel2life tutorials in Fireworks. I liked the cbtcafe audios. Entheos was good, but I must have zigged when I should have zagged on the Night Vision Effects; I didn't see geese. I printed off some instructions about "awesomeness niglets". Hmmm. . . . I wasn't so sure about them, but then I think I was in the wrong website since I checked all of Kim's links again and couldn' find the "niglets"! Some tutorials were easier than others. Some just didn't want to work for me; e.g. the beveled text with a transparent center from Joyce Evans. I'm not sure what i was doing wrong.

MES: LIT - Educational ICTs

MES: LIT - Educational ICTs
Bill- the Guru (love him or not ) speaks on education...
Considering our conversation this morning, Bill Gates adds his thoughts on education from 1999 interviews

check out his answer to Question #3

and with Simon Perez (scroll down to Perez's last question)


Dreamweaver Links

Hi Everyone

Kim passed on these links to me earlier in the day to supplement her presentation on Dreamweaver.

My recommendation is to start with the first one. As a vendor support site it should be pretty good.


Fireworks Resources

This morning someone asked if there are any print resources for Fireworks. In our training courses at Community Ed, we often use resources from a company called CCI Learning, and they are highly reliable for quick down-and-dirty training, accuracy and fast delivery. They, however, don't have Fireworks yet, but they do have Dreamweaver stuff. The only other publisher I could find that I'm comfortable with is Thomson Nelson. Here's the link, but I can't tell you about the quality of these books. Since I'm likely to be one to need these kinds of print resources, I'll let you know if I find anything else.

Snopes - Does Not Compute

Further to our discussion about 'authentic' collaboration, if you ever receive an email or a story and you question its authenticity, here is a link to a website ( that validates or refutes urban legends. The link I've provided refutes a 1954 picture of what the home computer would look like in 2004.

On the home page, there is a search function you may use to find specific examples of 'questionable' stories and urban legends.


MES: LIT - Educational ICTs

Cool Animation of GIFS from Leanne

Check out this link. It does cool things.

Technological ROI

There was a time when technology was seen as the means of making work easier. However, as we all see and know so well is that we now have to work faster as the demands have increased, thanks in part to the technology. I think this commercial shows that it is changing and that we are finally getting our ROI!

Heaven forbid that we see any colleagues dance like that ;)

On a separate note, this secret video shows how Italy won the World Cup. Yes, I am a LITTLE bitter.


MES: LIT - Educational ICTs

MES: LIT - Educational ICTs

So, personally, I really enjoyed messing around with the Fireworks tutorials. The one(s) I liked the best were from that fabulous Joyce Evans. I felt that hers were particularly easy to follow with the video format, and her voice was very reassuring :o) Anyway, this one on creating rounded corners for pictures was a bit of fun to do. Enjoy!

Uses and Potentials of Wikis in the Classroom

Good Morning Everyone

I was just browsing the latest copy of Innovate and came across this rather timely article.

It's an excellent summary of projected educational practice involving wikis. Click on the title of this post to check it out.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Sample MES:LIT Wiki

Hi Everyone

Our course deals with the exploration of the Tools, Techniques, Tasks and Theoretical Underpinnings associated with the educational use of Information and Communication Technologies.

One such technology is the relatively new approach to on-line communications called the Wiki. Wikipedia describes the technology as "a type of website that allows users to add, remove, or otherwise edit and change most content very quickly and easily, sometimes without the need for registration."

Originally designed to foster the development of on-line private and public knowledge bases, wikis are increasingly being used as on-line collaboration tools. The name "wiki" means fast in Hawaiian and refers to the main characteristic of wikis, namely the ease with which even non-technical users can rapidly add and update content.

See Wikipedia entry on Wiki's for more information.

To give everyone a brief exposure to wikis I've but together a wiki site called MES:LIT - Aspects of Educational ICT at This particular wiki uses the Peanut butter wiki engine. To find out more about the Peanut butter wiki engine go to

If you would like to try out the wiki, email me and I'll send you the password and you can try your hand at posting.

I'll be looking at other wiki engines such as the Course Forum engine. I've profiled PBWiki on Kim's recommendation. I'll profile Course Forum because it has been specifically designed for educators.


MES: LIT - Educational ICTs

MES: LIT - Educational ICTs

While I was researching the aspect of “usability” and web design, these sites appeared to be quite interesting. Some of you may already have discovered them. I like to learn by reviewing ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’.

Examples of poorly designed web pages

Usability rules for good websites